Dress Code & Uniform Policy & Prices


School Board Policies and Administrative Regulations #5312 and 5316 clearly establish the standards for appropriate student attire in the Orange Unified School District. It is expected that all students at Portola Middle School maintain a neat and orderly appearance. A student’s dress and appearance should not draw undue attention, nor should appearance detract from or interfere with learning in the classroom or the discipline within the school. All dress code rules will be enforced on the campus and during school activities.

Research shows that uniform schools have increased academic achievement and a decrease in student behavioral problems. Based upon the interest shown by parents when surveyed, and School Site Council, Portola Middle School has instituted a student uniform policy. The Portola Uniform Policy is described below. Violation of the uniform policy may result in changing into loaner clothes and consequences assigned.  Any clothing deemed inappropriate by school administration will be confiscated and require the student to change.


HEADGEAR: Hats, bandanas, beanies, hoods or any other headgear is prohibited.

SHIRTS/TOPS: Polo shirts and t-shirts with the Portola logo in solid navy, black, gray or white. Polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts must be size-appropriate and can be purchased at school. Undershirts must be appropriate size and cannot hang out at the bottom.  PE clothes may not be worn as part of the school uniform.

OUTERWEAR: Sweatshirts and jackets must be navy, gray, black or white with or without the Portola logo. Other logos acceptable but must be school appropriate. Flannel shirts may not be worn as jackets. If questionable, school administration determines appropriateness of student outerwear. 

BELTS: Belt buckles must be plain with no initials/logos on them. Belts will be of appropriate length for student waist size and the belt must be kept in the belt loops.

PANTS/SKIRTS: Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or skinny pants that are Navy, Black, Grey and Khaki are allowed. Denim jeans are also allowed in the same colors. Sweatpants, athletic type pants or shorts and PE shorts are not considered uniform pants. Overly tight pants and shorts must be size appropriate (within one size of a student’s actual waist and inseam measurement) and be worn at the waistline. Pants and shorts that have enlarged legs are not allowed. The legs of pants and shorts must be hemmed (not frayed or slit) at the seams, and may not have any holes or tears. All skirts, shorts and skorts must be at least mid-thigh length.  Pajama shirt or pant is prohibited.

SHOES: Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops, crocs, slippers, backless shoes or sandals are not allowed. Shoes with high heels higher than 1 inch may not be worn. Laced up tennis shoes must be worn during P.E.

JEWELRY/ACCESSORIES: Jewelry that is deemed dangerous or a distraction by administration may not be worn. Over-sized earrings, chain belts, studded jewelry or accessories, any type of pointed jewelry or accessory, and wallet chains could be considered dangerous and may be confiscated.  Piercings with pointed studs are not allowed. No items may be hanging out of uniform pants’ pockets. 

CLUB SHIRTS: Authorized school club shirts may be worn in place of the Portola polo shirt. 

HAIR COLOR/FACIAL PIERCINGS: Body markings (which are done with markers, pens, or other writing utensils), facial piercings (on the nose, eyebrow, lips, or any part of the face) or unnatural colored hair may be considered a distraction to the educational process. If administration identifies something as a distraction to the campus or learning environment, parents will be contacted to address the situation. 

FREE DRESS DAYS: Clothing shall be free of writing, pictures, and any other symbols or indications which are profane, obscene, sexually suggestive, or which advocate gangs, racial, ethnic, sexual or religious prejudice, graffiti, gambling, violence, the use of drugs or alcohol or any other illegal activity.   Clothing shall not be excessively revealing and must be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.  Examples of clothing that may be inappropriate include, but are not limited to: short shorts/skirts, see-through or fishnet fabrics, halter tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, tank tops (with straps of less than one inch), spaghetti-strapped clothing, off-the-shoulder or low cut tops and bare midriffs.  Torn jeans, flip-flops, or headwear are prohibited.  Clothing must be size-appropriate. 

Any student who knowingly comes to school with inappropriate clothes on a free dress day may lose their privilege for future free dress days. 


ASB - $5.00

PE Shorts - $10.00

PE Shirt - $10.00

Portola Logo Polos or T-shirts - $14.00

Portola Crew Sweatshirts - $20.00

Yearbook - $35.00

CASH ONLY - No $100 bills accepted.