Verizon Innovative Learning

Verizon Innovative Learning at Portola Middle School                           

Verizon through its partnership with Digital Promise equips every child and teacher at Portola Middle School with a touchscreen Chromebook equipped with LTE. In addition to free technology and access, Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) also receive extensive teacher training and support to leverage technology in their classrooms. Our students and teachers learn how to use powerful tools in an innovative way, while our teachers receive comprehensive, ongoing professional development on how to effectively leverage mobile technology to improve learning.                                                                                           

By offering students at Portola Middle School access to technology, STEM classes, and leadership skills, we empower them to explore opportunities for creating bright futures for themselves, their families, and the world.

Verizon Innovative Learning Rollout Day - Sept. 2, 2021

Student Overview Video produced by Portola ASB