Signature Programs

Portola Middle School offers a wide range of programs and specializations that engage all students in innovative learning.           


AVID Elective course, providing academic, social, and emotional support for these students to succeed in rigorous courses. The impact of AVID isn't limited to the elective class; it extends throughout the school, influencing teaching practices and behaviors to improve engagement and success for all students.

C-STEM Coding and Robotics

The C-STEM Coding and Robotics Curriculum provides hands-on integrated math, science, and computer science education in compliance with Common Core Math, CS Standards, and Science Standards with coding in RoboBlocky and Ch/C/C++. C-STEM is a signature practice of Portola's Math Department.


Career Technical Education (CTE) is a transformative program that empowers students to explore their potential, develop valuable skills, and build a strong foundation for their future success. Middle school is a prime time to introduce students to a wide range of career paths before they lock into specific subjects in high school. Portola currently offers coursework for students to engage the Protective Service pathway. In the 2025-2026 school year we will be offering coursework in the Business and Finance pathway in partnership with Cal State University Fullerton. Portola Prep Days offer opportunities for students to engage the numerous pathways that await them at Orange High School. 


Pre- AP courses designed to help students learn the concepts and develop the critical thinking skills essential to achieving academic success in AP courses, college—and beyond. Portola offers Pre-AP English 1 focuses on reading, writing, and language skills that are relevant to students’ current work and essential for students' future to future high school and college coursework.

Verizon Innovative Learning 

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools collaborates with select middle schools nationwide to provide technology tools and training to support transformative teaching and limitless learning. Portola is home to Orange County's first Verizon Innovative Learning Lab, where students experiment with emerging technology through Verizon Innovative Learning Lab, a curriculum supported by ASU. Students can learn about 3D printing, immersive media, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies.