Student Clubs

Garden Club

The Garden Club is a club that plants California Native plants, waters them, and cares for them inside the school campus.  The club also helps to learn more about California Native, wildflowers and other plants and how to plant and water them.  Members talks about what plants are adapted to drought tolerant, hot, cold, windy, or snowy climate.  It is a club where students also learn about the history of California, The Portola Expedition, The Rancho period (Rancho Santa Ana de Abajo that used to be on this site) and plants that were around during those times, and how to keep a sustainable native plant garden.  The club paints signs and murals to accentuate the gardens.


National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

National Junior Honor Society is a nationwide organization, made up of students who have performed well academically in school and have proved to be model citizens as well. Its purpose is to give its members the opportunity to serve their fellow students and their community, in hopes that they experience the virtue of charity. Members tutor students in different academic subjects, help their teachers, and walk charity miles to support St. Jude hospital’s research to help kids suffering from cancer.